Our Story

Starling is a technology company that helps businesses in branding, digital marketing and content creation. They provide the platform, tools, and innovative ideas to give their clients a seamless and quality service. Founder’s Story Stripe was founded by Glorious Daniel Ofeh. She is a dynamic lawyer who is very passionate about technology and looked to simplify the solutions for branding and marketing issues her corporate clients were facing. And then Starling’s journey began. Starling uniqueness Starling offers innovative solutions by providing a platform for businesses to improve their quality and dominate the market space. They provide a variety of services for them to explore the digital world. They also provide supports and hand holding through each process. This unique ability of Starling makes it different from others.
Glorious Daniel Ofeh
C. E. O./Founder

Our Mission

To help our client’s business gain reliability and relevance in the digital world.